SMSF Setup & Administration Services

SMSF Administration Services

With the invaluable expertise and advice of an experienced accounting professional, getting your SMSF setup can be relatively straightforward. If you are ready to establish your SMSF, Verus Accountants & Advisors can assist you in your SMSF administration process and other superannuation services for you.

How does an SMSF Setup Work 

An SMSF Specialist working alongside a financial advisor can help manage your SMSF by making investment decisions that are beneficial to you. All SMSFs setups are legally required to have a document investment strategy, which guides trustee decision making and satisfies the sole purpose test. When developing an SMSF investment strategy, consider the following factors: 

  • The individual characteristics of fund members, eg. age, current financial situation, and risk profile.
  • The benefits of expanding the fund’s investments to reduce financial risk. Investment options include fixed interest products, shares, and real estate.
  • How quickly assets can be converted to cash to pay future member benefits. 
  • Current insurance needs to ensure appropriate coverage is arranged.
Greater flexibility with tax

SMSFs that comply with superannuation legislation are usually entitled to have member contributions and fund earnings taxed at the concessional superannuation rate of 15% in Australia

Estate planning

Compared to other public funds, SMSFs provide flexibility with member death benefits. With an SMSF, we can help you ensure that your death benefits are paid to a dependent as a pension instead of a lump sum, allowing the fund to continue to run.

Greater control over investments

With an SMSF, you have more control over how your funds are invested. You can invest directly into a residential estate, instead of being restricted to property trusts.

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