Business & Shares Valuation Services

Business and Shares Valuation

Are you a business owner looking to understand the true value of your company? Or an investor seeking accurate share valuation information? 

Verus Accountants, a leading business valuation firm in Sydney, is here to assist. Our team of expert business valuation accountants specialises in providing comprehensive business valuation services tailored to meet your specific needs. With our expertise and experience, we can help you understand the true worth of your business or company shares. 

Understanding Business Valuations

Business valuations play a pivotal role in a range of business applications. By understanding the value of your business, you can gain insight to improve your business’s overall health and well-being. 

A well-executed business valuation is crucial for:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Partnerships
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Taxes
  • Business planning
  • Financial planning
  • Estate planning
  • Exit strategy planning
  • Asset management 

Chartered Accountants for Business Valuations

Chartered Accountants have higher qualifications and deeper experience with businesses that give them the expertise to provide accounting services for businesses that take the big picture in mind.

At Verus Accountants, we only employ the most qualified Chartered Accountants. As our team carries with us a diverse range of experience, we’re able to anticipate the needs of our clients to provide thorough and holistic business valuation reports. 

Unlocking the Value of Company Shares

If you’re a shareholder, whether in a public or private company, knowing the value of your shares is paramount. Share valuation determines the worth of your investment and can impact decisions such as buying or selling shares, equity dilution, or calculating returns on investment. Our accountants possess in-depth knowledge of share valuation methodologies, including market multiples, discounted cash flow analysis, and comparative analysis.

Whether you’re an individual investor, a corporate entity, or part of an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), our team at Verus Accountants is skilled at conducting accurate and reliable share valuations. We consider various factors such as company financials, industry performance, market conditions, and regulatory frameworks to determine the fair value of your company’s stock.

How Does Verus Conduct Your Market Value Of Shares? 

No valuation case is the same. It’s essential to make use of comprehensive business valuation services that consider your business’soperational structure, stakeholder expectations, and long-term strategic plans of the company.

At Verus, we consider all elements to collate insights into your business to build a valuation approach that best maximises your share values. We can provide the following: 

  • Retirement and introduction of Stakeholders in a Business
  • Marriage Breakdowns
  • Business Restructures
  • Net Asset Valuations
  • Tax Compliance such as Capital Gains and Stamp Duty
  • Related Party Transactions
  • Shareholder Disputes
Gain Understanding Of Your Company’s Assets

It is essential to gain an accurate business assessment. We can help you obtain specific numbers from our valuation processes so that you (as a business owner) obtain the correct insurance coverage, and know precisely how much to reinvest and how much to sell your business so you can gain a profit.

Understand Your Resale Value

Selling your business? Then understanding its worth and how it's valued is critical. With our business valuation services, we give you more time to improve the company's value to achieve a higher selling price when it goes on the market.

Be In A Better Position During Mergers/Acquisitions

You must demonstrate how your firm's value, asset withholdings, growth, and future potential are valued by showing them what you can provide. Major businesses will try to buy or merge with yours for the lowest possible price. We help you negotiate for the appraised valuation numbers provided by a well-known and reputable valuation determination service so that you can get the most out of your business.

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