Business & Shares Valuation Services

Business Valuation Services

Does your business or shares in a company require a valuation? If so, selling or buying a business is a big decision that requires time and an expert’s professional assessment of value. Of course, there are many reasons for business valuations. You might need it for specific taxation requirements to assist with ATO disputes or capital gains tax concessions. Or, you may require the market value of shares for insurance purposes and planning for succession.

Understanding your business’s shares and asset’s value is a crucial step, both at the outset of your plans and throughout, to better ensure you are maximising that value to its full potential. As a result, business valuations are crucial to your strategic financial goals. Fail to do so, transactions and strategic plans can fall through, and the actual value of your market shares drops.

Whatever the reason, our certified team of experts can assist with valuing them. 

We are not your average accountant who is likely to give you a “back of a notepad” valuation which is expected to be inaccurate and misleading. 

At Verus Accountants & Advisors, our team of certified accountants will work with you one-on-one to pinpoint the best valuation approach tailored to your financial needs. Whatever your goals, our services will ensure you make the most out of the value of your business. 

What is Business Valuation?

Business valuation refers to the process of determining the fair value of an entire business or a company unit. The valuation of a business can be needed for many reasons, including the sale value, assisting in taxation, establishing partner ownership or even moving along divorced proceedings. Business owners will usually turn to professional accountants or business valuations for a more accurate estimation of the market value of their shares or business.

How to value a business or your market shares?

No valuation case is the same, so it’s essential to turn to reliable and trustworthy accountants who provide comprehensive business valuations services (like Verus) that consider your business’s relevant sector, operational structure, stakeholder expectations, and long-term strategic plans of the company. Attaining such valuations are crucial to ensure that transactions are executed at reasonable values between the parties involved.

At Verus, we consider all elements to collate insights into your business. From there, we draw on our years of expertise to create a unique and tailored valuation approach that best maximises the value.

Types of valuations can include:

  • retirement and introduction of stakeholders in a business
  • marriage breakdowns
  • business restructures
  • net asset valuations
  • tax compliance such as capital gains and stamp duty
  • related party transactions
  • shareholder disputes

How can we help you?

Looking to reap the benefits of expert business valuation advice? You can experience this at Verus.

Previously, an accountant could dabble in valuation services. However, today’s industry is increasingly becoming more recognised as a specialised service, facing closer scrutiny through regulation. Specific valuation standards (APES 224 Valuation Services) govern and monitor quality requirements for business and market value of shares, which demand expert skills and certification.

At Verus, our valuation specialists hold extensive experience in calculating the appropriate values of outcomes of all our clients, supported by the best accounting practises, robust research and a comprehensive understanding of a business’s commercial factors and their impact on your business value.

Our certified experts, as a result, have a proven track record of providing quality valuation reports that successfully meet the standards of the ATO, ASIC and the courts. For the valuation purposes mentioned above, we will always present unbiased opinions within a professional report.

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