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Setting Up A Trust For Your Business

Trust setup for businesses is similar to trusts for families. It involves a trustee (an individual or a company) carrying on business operations for the benefit of other people (the beneficiaries). A trust is set up through a formal deed which outlines how the following trust fund will operate.

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How Do Trust Setups Work?

Trusts, unlike companies, are not separate legal entities. The trustee of the business trust is the legal entity that owns the business assets and enters into contracts on the trust’s behalf.

Trustees are responsible for the operation of the trust. As a result, they are legally liable for the debts of the trusts. If the trustee is a company (a corporate trustee), this can reduce liability. Trusts can be tax-effective strategies for your business, due to their flexibility in their income and asset distribution.


A trust shields you from liability for losses or debts incurred while operating a business if set up correctly


If it minimises their tax burden, profits from a new business trust can be dispersed to beneficiaries in proportion to their total taxable income, resulting in the highest marginal tax rate.

Asset Protection

You can use a trust to protect your company's assets. This is because assets held in a trust are distinct from those controlled by a beneficiary. As a result, the trust will be protected from creditors attempting to seize funds belonging to a beneficiary in order to pay off debt.

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