Coronavirus New Law Passed

Recently passed legislation

A package of Bills to implement a part of the federal government’s economic response to the devastating consequences of the coronavirus pandemic has been passed by both Houses of Parliament and received Royal Assent on 9 April 2020.
The legislative package includes the following Bills:

  • Coronavirus Economic Response Package (Payments and Benefits) Bill 2020; and
  • Coronavirus Economic Response Package Omnibus (Measures No.2) Bill 2020.
These Bills include:
  • Supporting the practical operation of the JobKeeper scheme;
  • Providing a framework for financial support (such as the JobKeeper
    Payments) to be provided by the Tax Commissioner to assist businesses and
  • their employees through the downturn caused by the pandemic, with specific rules and eligibility criteria to be made in separate rules by the Treasurer;
  • Guarantee of lending to small and medium enterprises;
  • Supporting the child care sector;
  • Modification of information and other requirements;
  • Providing additional support for veterans; and
  • Tax secrecy measures.
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