Setup companies, trusts and SMSFs

Whether you are looking to operate a business or invest or hold onto a property, having the correct structure is extremely important. The most common entities that taxpayers utilise are companies, trusts, and SMSFs. Why don’t you talk to us so that we can recommend the correct mix of structure(s) and ensure that the right people are in the key positions of those entities?

Are you looking to setup up a company, trust, partnership, or an SMSF? There are pros and cons to running your business or investing through one of these structures. It is crucial to have the correct structure setup initially to avoid significant future costs; Capital Gains Tax, stamp duty, lawyer costs, etc.

Wealth creation and long term planning through one of these structures are also possible. As every taxpayer’s circumstances are different; family, kids, jobs, current earnings and tax bills, we recommend you get in contact with us to discuss some viable strategies to meet your goals and objectives. We are able to achieve your goals within the boundaries of the Australian taxation laws so that you will have a peace of mind that even in the case of an audit from the Australian Taxation Office.

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